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We will be at Rockhampton Showgrounds from the 12th to the 14th of June bringing all our fun games and rides. See you there!

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Our rides and games are tailored to create fun and unforgettable experiences for all kinds of events, from carnivals to parties.

We take pride in our professional services, which follow both national guidelines and international best practices. This ensures that our clients receive only the highest quality of entertainment and safety. 
Our attractions are designed to cater to a wide range of audiences, whether it’s for kids or adults who simply love to have fun.
From classic carnival games to thrilling rides, we offer a variety of options that can be customized to fit any event or occasion.
At The Events Company, we believe in delivering the best entertainment that keeps everyone smiling. So, if you’re looking for amusement, rides, and a lot of fun, look no further than us. Let’s create an unforgettable event together!

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Big Bubble Bump Big Bubble Bump

The Big Bubble Bump it’s the oldest trick in the book, and now you too can walk on water like the great man himself.
Big Bubble Bump has taken water walking to the next level with australia’s most professional waterball ride.
Providing a focus on family, fun and fitness, this entertainment is not limited to day time. At night our water balls are illuminated in multicolour, so guests can walk on water all night long. Each bubble slowly changes colour as the child moves around the pool.
At Big Bubble Bump, we know is almost as much fun to watch the riders, as it is to participate in riding. That’s why we designed our pool for optimum viewing pleasure. Our square pool with an extra high arched roof allows parents to watch/laugh at their children the entire ride without an obstructed view.
We have the most thoroughly trained, best looking and friendliest staff in the industry. Staff works on a rotation system to gets customers in and out the pool.
Technical information:
7 mt height
11mt Frontage
13mt depth

Fungee Bungee Fungee Bungee

Imagine a crowd of people all encouraging one person to do a flip and the cheers that erupt when they do!
Or the smile on a child’s face when they jump 20ft into the air all by themselves.
At Fungee Bungees you can try back flips, front flips or just jump as high as you love to.
It’s not just the riders who love the bungees, spectators have just as much fun, cheering, supporting and taking photos and videos of their loved ones as the riders themselves.
On the Fungee Bungees parents cheer from sidelines as they try to help their little daredevils conquer their fear, whether that be doing a flip high above the crowds or simply learning to jump higher. No riders are ever left to dangle and fend for themselves and that is what set our Fungee Bungee crew part from our competitors. 
Our friendly staff are highly trained to offer an exceptional experience from the moment a child is all harnessed up, until they step off the trampoline with a huge grin on their face.
Fungee Bungee is extremely proud of its safety record and is committed to providing world-class safety standards.
Technical information:
11 mt Vertical clearance.
10.5 mt Frontage
1.5 mt depth